Wild Turkey

Free Range Bronze Turkeys

Broseley Bronze Turkeys

Our bronze turkeys arrive on the farm as day old chicks in late June. We raise them with the utmost care and respect through out their lives.

Our birds are a traditional bronze turkey hatched, raised and processed in the UK.

We slow grow our flock of high welfare turkeys for a minimum of 25 weeks. At least 20 of these the flock is free range and protected from foxes by our herd of alpacas. Industry standard turkeys are intensively reared for eight to ten weeks.

We source as much feed as possible within a 5 mile radius of the farm and raise the flock on a balanced diet of wheat, pasture and pellets along with lots of fresh veg and herbs.

Birds are never vaccinated. Sick birds are quarantined and treated separately until they are fit and healthy to return to the main flock.

Our flock is hand reared, hand fed and hand processed. We do not use machinery at any stage.

When the time comes for their outdoor pursuits to come to an end, they are dealt with on site, no stressful transportation, one at a time in a stress-free environment. They are then dry plucked by hand. We never scald to remove feathers.  Finally, birds are game hung for up to ten days in our temperature-controlled room to really intensify the flavour.

As our flock is slow grown, the birds not only have a beautiful layer of fat under the skin but also an intermuscular layer which guarantees tasty meat that is juicy and cooks quickly. There is no need for endless basting and cooking overnight. A 20lb bird will be cooked in just 4 hours.